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Wisconsin is an optimal state for adventure seekers - Lake Michigan for the boaters, a lengthy winter season for snowmobile riders, and optimal terrain for dirt bike or ATV riders. However, with every adventure, there also comes risk. When a recreational accident, such as a boating accident, affects your family, trust in the attorneys at Derzon & Menard to provide the caring, knowledgeable, and experienced legal help you need during this difficult time. Contact our Milwaukee law office to learn how we can help or discuss your individual case.

The attorneys at Derzon & Menard have helped countless people in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits in Wisconsin. Our firm handles cases involving all types of recreational vehicle accidents, such as:

  • Speed boat accidents and other boating accidents
  • Jet Ski accidents
  • Snowmobile accidents
  • All terrain vehicle accidents (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.)
  • Moped, scooter, and Vespa accidents
  • Other recreational vehicle accidents

Due to the nature of recreational accidents, victims are likely to suffer severe injuries. An ATV rider may hit a concealed stump and suffer a head injury when he or she is thrown to the ground or pummeled into a tree. A passenger may drown in a boating accident. A snowmobile rider may suffer frostbite when stuck out in freezing temperatures when stranded after an accident. Accident victims and their families are greatly affected by these injuries and fatalities. When people suffer these severe injuries, they will likely be faced with extensive time away from work and expensive and lengthy medical treatment.

Is Someone Liable for Your Injuries?

Recovering compensation for injuries or fatalities caused by a boating accident or other recreational accident can be complicated. However, we use leading experts and investigators to analyze all of the facts involved: Was there a defective part involved? Did the recreational vehicle have appropriate warnings? Did the vehicle meet industry standards? Where did the accident occur (on someone else's property)? Was the vehicle insured? We pursue all relevant means of recovery through product liability, premises liability, and other liability claims.

Contact our attorneys at the Milwaukee personal injury law firm of Derzon & Menard to discuss your case. We provide the personalized and skilled representation you deserve.

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